Happy 25th Anniversary To Pantera’s “Cowboys From Hell!”


On this date, back in 1990, the metal world was forever changed as Pantera released “Cowboys From Hell” to the masses and began a decade of dominance never seen before in our scene. While I was only six years old when this record came out, I’ll never forget hearing it for the first time in 7th Grade. Yes, that was seven years after it’s release, but I was never introduced to heavy metal until Middle School, and will NEVER forget being introduced to Pantera. I was handed “Cowboys From Hell” with a warning to play it loud, but not too loud, and of course I was a dumb kid and blasted it at the highest volume possible that entire night. After the 57 minutes were over, I remember sitting there wondering how it was possible for a band to be that fucking powerful. What was that guitar playing doing? That vocalist is a beast! Why didn’t my parents have me earlier so I didn’t miss out on this?!? It was everything I knew about heavy metal, but on a whole new level! From then on, I went and grabbed every Pantera album, bought every Pantera shirt, and was even lucky enough to catch them live, which will forever go down as one of the greatest concerts of my lifetime! There was only one, and will forever only be one Pantera, and if you were lucky like myself to see them live, cherish that moment! They were Gods amongst men, and it all started with the impact of “Cowboys From Hell” twenty five years ago. Enjoy the instant classic again below!!!


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