Halcyon Way: “Bloody But Unbowed” Album Review


Halcyon Way: “Bloody But Unbowed” Album Review

Since their inception in 2001, Georgia-based metallers Halcyon Way have traveled many roads and toured with many of the greats including Angra, Operation: Mindcrime, Saxon, Sabaton, Fozzy, and Fates Warning, among others. With experience comes skill and a mastery of their craft. They are an archetypal, hard-to-classify band who incorporate so many different genres and deliver their metal at an astounding level.

Halycon Way‘s Bloody But Unbowed is a journey of formidably impressive sound. It is full of meaty riffs without being monotonous. Check out “Blame” and “Slaves to Silicon.” The lead vocals are a nod to modern ’80s metal and the growling backing vocals add a modern kick in the teeth. The collective unit incorporate multiple elements, including thrash and progressive, with masterful production. Bloody But Unbowed was recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Lewis (Whitechapel, Trivium, Bad Wolves) and artwork provided by Travis Smith (Opeth, Overkill, Death, Iced Earth).

With Bloody But Unbowed, Halcyon Way are securing their place at the table of the metal gods.

Bloody But Unbowed is out August 3 on Agonia Records. Buy it here!

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