Hail Satan Discuss Pizza, Partying, And “Rad Metal” In New Interview


Hail Satan Discuss Pizza, Partying, And “Rad Metal” In New Interview

Hail Satan are a party thrash band based out of Denver, Colorado, who write songs about whiskey, pizza, more whiskey, and all things party. They call their particular brand of thrash “Rad Metal,” which also happens to be the name of their new EP.

Hello gentlemen, how are things in the Hail Satan camp today?
Like any other day, it’s just a whole ordeal to be as rock and roll as we are while still maintaining such reputable character. But all is well. We just wrapped on the video shoot for the song, “I Will Eat You,” this week, which should be out at the end of the month!

Okay so let’s get to work. What is “rad metal” and why do you play it?
Rad metal is essentially party thrash with a melodic hook. The speed, violence, and attitude of thrash metal are present, but there’s a pop element to it as well. It’s a heavy metal manifesto that people get laid to!

What bands would have to breed in order to have a child that is Hail Satan?
Imagine a sweaty dungeon, rife with majestic nipple hair, where Manowar, Death, Thin Lizzy, and Prince are all softly copulating into the thin night air. Nine months to the day thereafter Hail Satan appears…

Who are the members of HS, what do they do in the band, and how did they get there?
Jake Fairly – vocals

Spencer Lee – drums

“Hurricane” Bruce Wayne Gasiorowski – guitars

Dakota Bentley – bass

From the far reaches of Denver the call of heavy metal rang triumphantly. These four brave little guys took up arms and heeded the oath, terrorizing a house full of burned out hippies in the process.

“Born to Win” is a hilarious (but still very rockin’) tune.  Who, what, and how is that song all about?
Initially it was a little jingle that Jake would sing to his coworkers to make them laugh. “I’m doin’ drugs. I’m gettin’ laid. I’m eatin’ pizza every day!” It’s actually the song that got the whole rad metal thing rolling. The lyrics were inspired by a stint of party-laden homelessness that Jake went through, and depict someone basically being a piece of rock n roll garbage. It’s pretty fuckin awesome!

I’m totally digging the artwork you are using.  Who is the artist and where can we see more?
The illustrations were done by our vocalist, Jake Fairly. Fairly is also a cartoonist in Denver. You can find his graphic novel, This Is Heavy Metal, wherever fine books are sold in the city!

How has your songwriting evolved over time?  And when can we expect more tunes?
The songs have become bigger and more complex as time has gone by. This band has a tendency to be very prolific. At this point we have enough material to cut two LPs. We should be getting into the studio to record our first full-length later this year if the Dark Lord provides. So if anyone out there with an ample bankroll is reading this and wants to hear a few new records from Hail Satan, please feel free to drop us a line!

What can people expect at a Hail Satan performance?
Be ready for a rip-roarin rocknroll sermon in the name of Baphomet! It’s a regular “fists in the air/blood everywhere” buffet! Give us your sweat! Give us your dreams! Give us your whiskey!

What are your plans for the rest of 2018?
2018 is halfway over, and we still have so much heavy shit to do! We’re going to be releasing a very juicy video for “I Will Eat You” at the end of June. We also plan to shoot a video for “Born to Win” later in the summer. We should be in the studio recording our first full length album by the end of the year. Generally we will be scorching our name upon the earth, and spreading to good word of Satan all across this wicked land! Puh-puh-puh-PARTAY!

What are the favorite pizza toppings per band member? And where do you all stand on pineapple? 
All pizza was made in the eyes of the Creator, and each slice is it’s own corner of paradise.

Anything else you would like to add?
Be a good person, and worship the fucking Devil!

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