Of all the European countries consistently churning out high-quality metal, the Czech Republic doesn’t exactly come to mind immediately. Folk metal is a primarily Scandinavian thing, and western Europe is the realm of melodeath. Welicoruss, a band based in Prague that got its start in 2002, is somewhere in-between, both geographically and stylistically. I’ve written about a few eastern European bands before, and I will not stop lamenting their lack of exposure until promoters start realizing that Arkona isn’t the only band east of Germany that puts out good shit.

I discovered Welicoruss through Turntable.fm (RIP) and figured that if the internet had heard of them, everyone else must have. This turned out not to be true! Despite over ten years of consistent output, the band is still looking for a label. They’ve performed with bands like Arkona (surprise surprise), Moonspell, and Gorgoroth, and they’ve self-released several EPs and full-lengths. What more could any prospective label want? Unfortunately, unless you live in or around Russia, you’re not likely to see these folks live. If you are nearby though, check them out in Prague on April 18 (Facebook event details HERE). Otherwise, watch the official video for “Sons Of The North” and tell all your friends how great it is!

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/WELICORUSS/31383996834
Official Bandcamp: http://welicoruss.bandcamp.com/

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