SatanaKozel are (in no particular order): Dmitry Dobrynin (keyboard, vocals), Nickolay Kuskov (drums), Vasiliy Kuzkov (guitar, vocals), Mr. Magister (bass), Vladimir Savvateev (guitar). One of these people is not pictured, and I am not sure who. Sorry.

Back when I was but a wee folk metal fan, I always wondered why the bands rarely wrote lyrics in their own language. I and my nerd friends loved non-English lyrics, but at some point the North American market was explained to me and I quietly accepted the ubiquity of plain old boring English lyrics. Still, I had a soft spot in my heart for bands like Finntroll and Arkona, whose vocalists sang in their native language. It added another layer of exoticness to their sound.

Not only do SatanaKozel, a folk metal band from Karelia (birthplace of my favorite pie), write all their lyrics in Russian — damned near all the information you can find about them is in Russian too! Their name is Russian for “SatanGoat” and they belong to an independent Russian label called SoundAge. SatanaKozel was founded in 2003 by drummer Nickolay Kuskov and guitar/vocalist Vasiliy Kozlov. The next year, the band recorded their first demo with the help of a few temporary musicians. In 2011, seven years and two full-length albums later, the current lineup formed.

If you like bands like Trollfest and Diablo Swing Orchestra, you’ll have a blast listening to SatanaKozel. I hate to compare them to Korpiklaani because I feel like I compare every folk metal band to Korpiklaani, so I will say that SatanaKozel’s music would make the perfect soundtrack to a mead-soaked rager. Listen to “Podopri Gore” — you won’t be able to keep yourself from dancing!

Official MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/satanakozel