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Nordheim are: Fred (lead guitar), Lukas (drums), BenFok (bass, backing vocals), Warraxe (rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Thom (keyboard).

I know what you’re all thinking — what new and exciting New York City thrash and/or death metal band is She-Wolf going to write about today? Well, my loyal readers, I’m not as predictable as you may think!

Today I’m here to talk to you all about Nordheim, a delightful folk metal band from — of all places — Canada. Scandinavia holds a near-monopoly on good folk metal, so a lot of people (myself included) have a tendency to sleep on talented bands from outside northern Europe. That said, cold weather environments really do seem to produce the best metal, no matter what side of the Atlantic you’re on.

Nordheim got their start in Partout, Québec in 2006, and released an untitled three-song demo in 2009. The band’s influences are many (think basically every band that’s ever been on a Paganfest roster), but their sound still manages to be unique, despite the saturation of the folk metal market. Their debut full-length album, titled Lost In The North, was released in late 2010 and received mixed but mostly positive reviews.

If you like Korpiklaani and Finntroll, especially albums from the first halves of their respective careers, you’ll love Nordheim. They are lots of fun, even if they don’t go the traditional folk metal route and shoehorn in a whole bunch of weird instruments.

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