How many of our Hails can boast actual, honest-to-god (lol) heresy as a selling point for their band? Janaza is unique in that respect and many more, considering it’s the only female-fronted black metal project in Iraq. They have become quite popular in the underground Middle Eastern metal scene for their anti-Islamic slant (they have an EP called Burn The Pages Of The Quran) as well as their talent. For obvious reasons, the members remain as anonymous as possible but the frontwoman goes by the name Anahita. Corpse paint is not only a fashion statement for the band, but also a way to hide their identities — in an interview with The Atlantic, Anahita sums up the consequences of revealing their identity in their strictly Islamist locale: “They would kill me, and kill all of my friends, by cutting off our heads.”

Lest ye start thinking that Hear Evil is anti-Islam, let me just say that I personally think all religions are equally cockamamie (except Scientology, which is cockamamier than all the other ones). Regardless of the message, Janaza is positively sacrilicious.

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