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On my first night in Iceland (by the way, I’m vacationing in Iceland), I met a bunch of cool people at a tourist bar in downtown Reykjavik. One of the people I met introduced himself as Gísli, and told me he was in a death metal band. My first thought, which I kept to myself, was “Yeah, you and everyone else.” Too cynical? He said they were called Beneath, and I said I’d check them out, which is exactly what I did.

Maybe I’m just ignorant to death metal, maybe Iceland’s been purposely hiding all its good bands from the United States (I found out about Skálmöld like, two months ago), but Beneath is a seriously awesome band with a good amount of local exposure and international recognition. It almost feels like a cheat to write about them, since they’re well-known enough to have played at Wacken Open Air and been featured on No Clean Singing. I had never heard of them though, so they loosely qualify for a Hail. Plus, I’m digging Iceland so I want to showcase an Icelandic band for once.

Beneath’s most recent activities include gigging around Europe, having their newest album The Barren Throne streamed on Metal Hammer, and hanging out in tourist bars. If you’re not in Europe, you can check out their awesome techy deathy brutality below with a track from their latest and greatest.

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