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Haemorrhage: “We Are The Gore” Album Review


Haemorrhage: “We Are The Gore” Album Review

I’m ashamed and saddened to admit that We Are The Gore is my first listen to Spain’s Haemorrhage. I know, I know … shame on me. The good news here is that I will rectify this by purchasing their back catalog. We Are The Gore, simply stated, is fucking awesome! Yes, there are elements of Carcass, Cannibal Corpse, Broken Hope, and Aborted intertwined in the album, but the band totally makes this their own. The band take serious gore/grind and make it fun.

“Nauseating Employments” opens with an homage to those in society who do the dirty work, and then bursts into an all-out blast beat assault. “Gore Gourmet” gets a little more grimy, with vocals that sound psychotic and a chorus that will stay stuck in your head for weeks. The title track is a headbanging anthem including every element that makes for a great death metal song. “The Cremator’s Song” has a cool vocal effect that sounds like it features two different singers, and “Medical Maniacs” opens amid a swarm of riffs and one solid “BLUCH” in a style only gore metal fans will understand. “C.S.C. (Crime Scene Cleaners)” is my favorite here. It lives and breathes all on it’s own as it oozes it’s way into your head.

Haemorrhage have one hell of a death/gore/grind album with We Are The Gore. It’s solid from beginning to end and an absolute blast.

We Are The Gore is out October 6 on Relapse Records. Buy it here!

Haemorrhage - Promo - 2017

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