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Hades Archer Stream “Chaos Teratoris Chimeras”


Hades Archer Stream “Chaos Teratoris Chimeras”

Hades Archer capture the reckless, blasphemous abandoned found in the best black metal. Hailing from Santiago Chili, N-III on guitars and voice and Hateaxes Command on drums grind it out in a down and dirty style.

Since their demonic inception in 2006, they have released an album and a series of EPs while enduring multiple change-ups behind the kit. Now, though, with a more solid lineup, Hades Archer have released  “Chaos Teratoris Chimeras” from the forthcoming Temple Of The Impure. This is an intense trip sonic trip into the belly of the beast that isn’t for the weak.

Hades Archer‘s Temple Of The Impure will be released this summer on Hells Headbangers. Listen to “Chaos Teratoris Chimeras” now and keep an eye out for pre order information.

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