Gypsy Chief Goliath: "Citizens Of Nowhere" Album Review By King Rhino!

So, here’s the downlow. I get the latest slew of selections this month of albums to review from the almighty SkullsnBones grand muckety mucks and catch a gander at this band, Gypsy Chief Goliath, on the list. OK, for starters, their name alone is the titties. I have no idea what the frakk a Gypsy Chief Goliath is, but damn it, I know I want to be one when I grow up! Then I see next to their name under genre the always nipple-hardening description, stoner metal, which I prefer to refer to as headbonger. (That’s right, headbonger, copyright King Rhino 2016.) So, I get the album, Citizens of Nowhere, and it hasn’t stopped playing for days here at the King Rhino Kompound.

This album is a sonic steamroller that pretty much will lay you out and run over your brain until it is a puddle of metal gooiness. Slow rolling riffs that rattle your joints partnered with vocals that sound like Rock Biter in The Neverending Story. Once again, I am floored by another Canadian band that is exporting their tunes from the Great White North down to us here in ‘Murica, proving time and time again that Canada is not just our attic to the north. (You know, there’s a bunch of cool stuff up there, you just never get up there to see any of it.)

I rarely single out tracks, but “Killing Yourself To Live” is one of the gut grindiest tunes out there today. And, I would be remiss in not mentioning the totally badass album cover.

Citizens of Nowhere is out April 15 on Pitch Black Records. Pre-order it here!

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Gypsy Chief Goliath - Citizens of Nowhere

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