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GWAR: “The Blood of Gods” Album Review


GWAR: “The Blood of Gods” Album Review

Most metalheads have surely heard of GWAR in their 30 plus years of performing and recording history. The sci-fi creation story of the band need not be reiterated, but it is available on their site The Blood of Gods has now been unleashed to their minions, and it marks their first album since the death of Dave Brockie, also known as Oderus Urungus, in 2014.

Fans of the “Scumdogs of the Universe” feared that the end was near, but just in time for All Hallows Eve, they have returned with an aural affront to abrade the masses. Current members are Blothar (lead vocals), Balsac the Jaws of Death (rhythm guitar and backing vocals), Jizmak Da Gusha (drums), Sawborg Destructo (backing vocals), Beefcake the Mighty (bass and backing vocals), Pustulus Maximus (lead guitar), Backsnapper (backing vocals), and Sleazy P. Martini (manager and backing vocals). It is a monstrous lineup for a colossal band walloping their way through the decades.

“War on GWAR” has a doom metal intro and then proceeds to full throttle, gut-splaying riffage. “Viking Death Machine” annihilates with classic ’80s metal furor. You want a little punk-infused concoction? “El Presidente” delivers with an angry, anti-political theme … gee, who will they massacre on stage? My personal favorites – “Auroch” and “Swarm” – have a pure thrash/speed sound forged in fire and lashing the pleasure center. “Fuck this Place” is sure to become a fist-pumping, pit-inducing anthem. Strangely, there is an AC/DC cover “If You Want Blood (You Got It),” which is well done. Perhaps it will be used in their set to inundate you with alien gore. Speaking of which, before you meet your demise, seeing GWAR live is the experience of a lifetime. You will get messy, the crowd will erupt into utter bedlam, and their aural flogging will pummel your insides.

Thank you Blothar for continuing the calamity of GWAR.

The Blood of Gods is out now on Metal Blade Records. Buy it here!

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