Machines: What Are You Using?

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     Sam Roon 

    There are a lot of amazing bass sounds out there. Back in NYC I was using a bunch of pedals to create something unique to stand out in a progressive death metal band. Now in Finland I have actually streamlined my sound considerably.

    I’m playing a Warwick Pro Series Corvete with the active MEC’s (though recently I’ve been running them in passive mode to get more mid-range):

    And I’m putting that through a Radial Tonebone pedal (older version):

    And then I’m pushing that into a classic Ampeg SVT setup:

    To be honest, I have been wanting to get a little more upper-mid-range out of my sound recently. I’ve changed my style of playing and since then I’ve been able to get a lot of the sound I am going for, but I feel like the frequencies I am aiming for just aren’t there with the bass I’m using.

    That said, I’ve been really happy with the overall quality of the sound and consistency of each machine in my setup. I almost wouldn’t change anything, but I am starting to think a bass with harder wood might actually have the sound I am looking for.

    What are you guys working with?

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     Rob Broderick 

    Pretty simple and similar to Sam, less actually. Running the Bi-amped SVT 5 into a pre-Loud buyout SVT810 with a Line 6 G90. Single humbucker stingray with Ernie Ball Cobalts. I have a Sansamp RBI in the chain but don’t even turn it on anymore since I really dialed in the SVTpro5

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       Sam Roon 

      @r0bothouse That SVT 5 Pro is really awesome. It has the grit of the Sansamp RBI built in! How do you like the cobalt pickup? I always thought they were a little too focused in one range but my taste has changed a bit – do you feel it does everything you want it to?

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     Rob Broderick 

    The Ernie Ball Cobalt strings? Yes. They have a definite bite to them without the D or G quacking and sounding harsh. Just right. The pickup is stock, they were tweaked a little in the last couple years.. for the better I would say. They all come together to give a full tone with a crunch underneath and sweet breakup without losing the thump. Love it.

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