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Grizzly Horse: “Terror Slave” Album Review


Grizzly Horse: “Terror Slave” Album Review

Grind is one of my guilty pleasures.  I have been a fan from the early days of Napalm Death, and more recently, Nails have become one of my favorites. What’s not to like? The energy and angst contained in short bursts allows you to release all of the aforementioned without taking it out physically on those around you, unless you are in the pit at one of these shows.

Grizzly Horse lay it all on the line in their nine-song, 22-minute debut. “Mock Execution” opens the album up with some raw, chugging riffs. “Curbstomp Your Enthusiasm” then bludgeons you in utter chaos. It starts in a frenzy, then slows to a churning maelstrom. “Hanged, Drawn and Quartered” is brutally heavy, and the riffs cut to the bone. The vocals seem a bit buried and fit the song perfectly.  “Kill vs Plead” takes it to the next level. Jon Peterson’s bipolar vocals stray somewhere between deep, death metal hell and a battered banshee. “Festival of Fools” is a lesson in heavy riffage and utter chaos. The longest song on the album that clocks in at just under five minutes is also my favorite.  I fucking love heavy riffs and this song is a headbangers feast of blood! “Celestial Crusade” channels a whole different beast.  It’s slow and brooding, dark and heavy. “Enemy” is everything a band in this genre should be doing.  It is an all out sonic feast for the ears, heavy and out of control. “D.O.B.” reminds me of Nails in a good way. The title track takes the album out in grand fashion.  It’s a swirling grind-fest chock full of riffs and blast beats.

Grizzly Horse, hailing from Bismarck, North Dakota, have something special here. The album has no fluff or filler, and it kicks ass from front to back. I have listened to this at least 100 times in the last month or so, and it never gets old!

Terror Slave is out now on Revenger Records. Buy it here!

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