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The Grindmother Starts Crowdfunding Campaign For Documentary


The Grindmother Starts Crowdfunding Campaign For Documentary

Pretty much every metalhead in the world with an Internet connection knows about The Grindmother, the now 68-year-old woman who plays in a metal band with her son. About two years ago there was a video posted to the band’s Facebook page with her belting out the vocals to one of their tracks, and since then, she has received worldwide publicity from NPR to Huffington Post and international news outlets around the world.

The band have an upcoming tour and they would like to tell the story of The Grindmother with a 30-40 minute documentary. They are asking for funds for buying camera gear, hiring a film crew, editing the footage, and manufacturing the DVD.

The exposure this band has so far is a result of the gimmick of having a 66 (now 68) year old front-woman. I think this crowdfunding campaign will help us see if the world is taking them seriously or not.  I can say honestly that I don’t remember what they sound like as a band, so for me, it was only about the gimmick, until now.  (Music video below.)

You can check out the crowdfunding page on Kickstarter:

Here is the video telling you more about what the crowdfunding campaign is all about and what they hope to accomplish.

Here is Grindmother’s latest music video with almost 400,000 plays.

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