Graveslave: “Devotion” EP Review


Graveslave: “Devotion” EP Review

Formed in 2014 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, deathgrinders Graveslave have released a five-song EP, Devotion, inspired by the card game (highly recommended) Magic: The Gathering. If you’ve ever played the game, you understand how captivating it is when it drags you into a world where the wild things are.

Graveslave‘s lineup includes Roman Non (guitarist and songwriter), Ben Fagerness (drummer, Gloryhole Guillotine), Josh Burke (bassist) and newcomers Ashton George (vocalist) and Joel Sigsbee (guitarist, Oklahoma Caddyshack). They have toured in Europe with Origin, Rings of Saturn and Hideous Divinity. 

Graveslave offer some contrast not usually present in most deathgrind outfits. They vacillate between short, grind-blasted bursts and longer, core-fueled, chaotic death metal with an energy and intensity equivalent to bands such as Full of Hell, Primitive Man and Miscarriage. “Gods of Slaughter” and “Underworld Connections” rip with massive riffs and chaotic musical slams of energy, giving this album menace. With a blitzkrieg delivery of extremity and aggression, there is certainly enough energy and intensity to keep you interested.

Devotion is a satisfying listen if all you are looking to do is headbang and lose yourself in some uncompromising heaviness.

Devotion is out now on Trvasfuk Music. Buy it here!

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