Gorgatron Release “Imposter Syndrome” Music Video


Gorgatron Release “Imposter Syndrome” Music Video

North Dakota’s Gorgatron will return this August with Pathogenic Automation via Blood Blast Distribution, and the death metallers have released a raging – and hilarious – music video for the first single, “Imposter Syndrome.”

Comments bassist Cameron Dewald

“Imposter Syndrome” is a sonic assault, from start to finish; just a punishing collection of riffs and blastbeats. It’s even more punishing to play some nights! We have tested this tune out at a handful of metal fests in the last year or so and the crowd response at some points is louder than us playing! Which is one of the main reasons we chose to lead with this song. For the music video we teamed up with Chris Dasinger and Sylvester Sletten of Brutal Films. We had previously worked with them for our Mockumentary (Beyond The Blastbeats). They have a great eye for humor and brutality and did a phenomenal job despite filming some of the scenes in 15-degree weather and putting up with us shooting guns and blowing up a dummy for one of the five kill scenes. All in all, ‘Impostor Syndrome,’ in my opinion, both sonically and visually captures GORGATRON perfectly: serious brutal song writing while towing the lines of morbid humor.

Watch the video for “Imposter Syndrome” below, and pre-order Pathogenic Automation here!