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Gojira To Re-Release “Terra Incognita” In 2016!

Gojira To Re-Release "Terra Incognita" In 2016!

Gojira To Re-Release “Terra Incognita” In 2016!

Good news Gojira fans! The French metal giants have confirmed that “Terra Incognita” will be re-released on vinyl and CD next year! This album was way ahead of it’s time back in 2001, so now that it’s being re-released in 2016, hopefully it will be appreciated more, and it will bring some of the incredible songs back to life for fans. In case you forgot, this is the record with “Love” and “Clone” on it, and it was only a sign of the brilliant things to come from Gojira in the future!

In case you don’t have the album, and can’t wait for the re-release, you can download it here! I suggest you do. In my opinion, Gojira has never written a bad song, and this album is just more proof of that fact. It’s Gojirawesome!