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Gojira, The Devin Townsend Project, and The Atlas Moth closed out their U.S. tour last night in New York City, and while all of the performances were amazing, the night belonged to the headliners. As a makeup show for the snowstorm, the fans returned with high energy and anticipation for the French metal Gods. I was lucky enough to grab a spot in the third row, and as the lights went out and the intro music started, I lost my mind. Once they stepped on the stage we all screamed at an insane volume and the band kicked off what was going to be a legendary performance in New York City.

Once “Explosia” hit the speakers, the pit immediately opened up, and the band fed off that energy and performed with an intensity that I’ve never seen before! This definitely set the tone for the rest of the night, and what a mighty opener it was. Not letting up, “Flying Whales” was next, and once the massive breakdown happened near the end, the band ran around the stage like maniacs, flinging their guitars around like we’ve all seen before, but it’s part of their performance that will never get old for any fan, including myself. It’s so fucking powerful. As “Backbone,” “The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe” followed up, the sweat began to drip from everyone’s faces, the energy was still at an all time high, but we were all ready for more.

As they went into the title track of the new album, it gave us a little break from the insanity and brought out the emotionally powerful lyrics from Joe like I’ve never witnessed before. This is why this band is so amazing. They can pummel you with riffs, then rip your soul apart with lyrics. They are truly in a league of their own.

Wisdom Comes” was next and definitely one of the crowd favorites as they went completely insane once the main riff kicked in. The band followed suit, and continued their performance as if it was the first show of the tour. Their energy still blows my mind, even after seeing them numerous times over the past five years. They do not let up at all!

Oroborus” took over the set next, and at this point, the intensity of the night seemed to hit everyone around me. From crowd surfing to the front for some air, to people getting dizzy and leaving, but as for me, I was ready for more! This is Gojira for fuck’s sake. It’s an honor to see them live every time!

After Mario performed yet another amazing drum solo (because he’s a God amongst men), the band closed out with “The Axe” and the always brutal “Vacuity.” Once they thanked the crowd and the lights went dark, the fans began to chant for more and more, and when Joe walked onto the stage, we all knew what was next. Now as many of my friends know, “The Gift Of Guilt,” has taken over my life since the first time I heard it. It’s my favorite Gojira song ever, and a track that truly hits home with me on every note, and now I got to see it live! From the intro, to the breakdown, to the overly emotional chorus, it was everything I expected and more! What an ending to the set!

I’ve seen Gojira many times over the past five years in Atlanta, from their support shows, to their headlining sets and opening for Metallica, but I’ve never seen them like I saw last night. This band puts a new meaning to a live show. From their energy to the expert skill on the instruments, there is no other band like them. This band truly gives it all in their music and on stage, and it’s something we should all be grateful to watch. As I sit here with no voice and emotionally drained from last night’s set, I only have one thing to left to say…Gojira is the greatest live band on the planet.