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As we revealed a few weeks back, the almighty Goatwhore will be unleashing “Constricting Rage Of The Merciless” on July 8th via Metal Blade Records. This will be the band’s sixth album, and as with their previous releases, I expect these guys to push the boundaries of metal to new levels, and once again leave every other band in the dust! When you mention the most metal bands on the planet, Goatwhore should always be one of the first bands mentioned!

Just to heighten the anticipation for the record, Erik Rutan, who produced the new album, previously released this statement on the new material: “This album came out so dynamic and huge, partly due to the fact that we recorded drums, bass, and main rhythm guitars to analog tape. Goatwhore has a massive sound and we all felt recording to analog would be the best way to capture it, giving it a very unique quality and feel, built off of integrity and vibe. This is our finest moment working together. Goatwhore fans be prepared!

As if that isn’t enough to get your excitement levels at an all time high, I recently caught up with front man, Ben Falgoust, in New York, and he filled me in on a little bit more about the recording process, favorite tracks and more! Check out the exclusive updates below!

MM- Why did you choose to record this album to tape?
BF: Sammy and I previously recorded to tape in our other bands before Goatwhore, so why not do it with band? Goatwhore itself had never recorded a 2 inch tape, so we wanted to confront that beast. Erik Rutan has the tape machine that was used for all the big fucking death metal records back in the day and everything, so it’s got a lot of history to it. A lot of bands don’t go to it anymore, but we decided that it was time for us to take it on. It’s time consuming as hell, and you have to be fully prepared, but the end result just sounds awesome. It’s not like the drummer can go in and punch in whenever he wants. You gotta play it all the way through non-stop ya know. It’s demanding for sure, but we got it done.

MM- Is the new song a good sign of things to come from the upcoming record?
BF: “You never know what to expect with our record, and I think that’s awesome. We can play this one new song, but it doesn’t represent everything else . If you listen to our other records, the songs all have their own sound and vibe to them, but it’s always Goatwhore. If you like the new song we’ve been playing live, you will dig the new record, but expect more. It’s a massive record, but as I said, it’s still Goatwhore.

MM- How did you approach this record vocally?
BF: “We wanted the vocal parts to sound like you were out of breath or something on this album, so I literally ran around the studio for like 10 minutes before tracking some songs. I would run in a circle, or do whatever I had to, and then plug my headphone back into the thing and be like GO! It was the first time I did it like that, but it came out pretty killer. The only thing that wasn’t fun was when I did a part, and realized I did it wrong, because then I would have to do it all over. So my old ass would run around again, and do it over (laughs). It definitely taught me to be more prepared than usual, because that running around got old. I’m not a young guy anymore (laughs). It definitely sounds nastier and fucking weird, but I really like it. It’s unique and something I’m pretty proud of.

MM- Do you have any tracks that you can’t wait for fans to hear?

BF: “Hell, I love them all man. Two that stick out are “Heaven’s Crumbling Walls Of Pity” and “Cold Earth Consumed In Dying Flesh.” Those songs have that nasty sound and bull dozing riffs that I love man, and they came out pretty badass. Plus, the vocals are sick as hell, so those two will definitely be up there as my favorites. Tomorrow it may change though. Like I said, all of our songs have their own power, so my favorites may change within in the hour, but the whole album is heavy as hell, so prepare yourselves.

After I spoke with the front man, they went on to destroy Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, and we have their entire set for you! Watch it below, and as Ben said, prepare yourselves, because new Goatwhore is coming!