Ever since I first saw Goatwhore live back in 2009, they quickly became one of my favorite bands on the planet. As each new record has been released, they just get better and better. The riffs have become more tighter, the transitions are more insane, the rhythm section is completely relentless and they’ve even thrown in more solos on recent records as well! They are one of those bands that are bringing their own style of metal to the scene and it’s paid off with a dedicated fan base all over the world. Leading the assault from the front is vocalist Ben Falgoust, who has quickly become one of the elite front men in the metal scene. His energy on stage is unlike anyone else! After seeing them for the 15th time last week in New York City, I truly believe that this band is unstoppable! Their live set was out of control and I can’t wait for the next one already!

Before their set I got to sit down for my fifth interview with the Goatwhore front man, and as always, the jokes start flying right away. Our interviews have become well known for our Saints/Falcons banter, and there’s more of that in here for ya! Plus, he talks about the recent tour, their legendary trailer, new material and much more! Enjoy the hilarity below!

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