Goatpsalm: "Downstream" Album Review By King Rhino!

Goatpsalm pummels every atom of the listener with their newest release, Downstream, with moody, ethereally spirit-crushing tunes. It’s as if you’re being marched over by an army of armored skeletons.

Darkly ambient at times, sludgey death metalish at others, Goatpsalm can turn on a dime and include something incredibly moving like the track “White Sea.” Downstream is an interesting mix of approaches and moods that somehow seem to coalesce into a pretty solid piece of work. It’s not necessarily the kind of music you’d listen to in the car, but it’s definitely a great album to put on at home and absorb in it’s entirety.

If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary, try Goatpsalm. You might be soul-crushingly pleased with what you hear.

Downstream is out now on Aesthetic Death Records. Buy it here!

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Goatpsalm - Downstream


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