I was forever grateful this album was only 19 minutes in length. My ears bled, but not in a good manner.

Goatkraft are a relatively new black metal trio hailing from Norway and formed in early 2017. Try as I might, there was little information about them. Nevertheless, their latest release Angel Slaughter is absolutely raw and unfiltered in the vein of classic black metal of yesteryear, but it seriously lacks a certain “something.” The sound production is mediocre at best, and I have heard probably hundreds of black metal bands with far better quality of sound. Perhaps it is the instrumentation, which sounds like everyone was playing in a separate sphere and it was just thrown together.

Hoping in the future Goatkraft can hone their music a bit and exceed expectations. Nothing on Angel Slaughter really gripped me.

Angel Slaughter is out March 9 on Iron Bonehead Productions. Buy it here!


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