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Glutton For Punishment: “The Mutilation Process” Album Review


Glutton For Punishment: “The Mutilation Process” Album Review

Sometimes going back in time a bit will reward you handsomely. Last year, Minneapolis based death metal tyrants, Glutton for Punishment, released an album entitled The Mutilation Process. Why this album hasn’t garnered much more critical acclamation is beyond me. Their raw sound lies somewhere between Cannibal Corpse and Broken Hope, with some Origin mixed in for good measure. The album is brutal, technical, and simply fucking amazing!

“Red Room” starts the album with a ferocious pace. Al Towne’s hell-spawned, guttural vocals are straight from another dimension. The technical time changes and musicianship are crazy. “Cannibanoid Hypermosis” focuses more on heavy-as-hell riffs. Rob Carlson and Juan Carlos Lagunes-Reyes deliver grinding riffs, and are a forefront in the mix. The pair sound like they’ve been playing together since birth. The song grinds and twists as it pulls you into the brutality. “Curbside Waste” picks the pace back up to beyond frantic. The subject matter at hand is dealing with rapists and pedophiles in a grotesque, but entirely appropriate manner.

“Narcotized” still has that out-of-control-freight-train pace, but it also has a groove feel in spots. Eric Baumgard’s drumming is stunning and he rages through the breaks and blast beats. “I Must Eat” is my favorite here. The combination of slower riffs atop the blast beats and Towne’s vocals just lights it up. “Ferociously Defleshed” is an all-out assault on your ears. The song takes no prisoners. This is one to induce an unforgettable circle pit! “Evolution through Annihilation” has a break in the middle that is slow, churning and unforgettably brutal, and leading into a guitar solo as fast as the speed of light. The title track continues the multi-dimensional twisting and writhing, yet it adds to the arsenal with even more ruthless vocals. The layering of the guitar solo toward the end reminds me of Nile. “When the Tempest Ends” is a two minute instrumental that sets the mood for the finale, “At Death’s Door.” The band let it all hang out here.  It’s fast, razor-sharp riffs and hellish vocals take the album out the same way it brought you in.

The Mutilation Process is an album that any serious death metal fan needs to own.  It is an incredible showcase of musicianship and songwriting. I honestly can’t believe Glutton For Punishment aren’t garnering the attention that they should, as I have witnessed them live, too. This is a band to watch for, and they will be turning heads in the future!

The Mutilation Process is out now on Twin Tower Records. Buy it here!

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