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Gloson: “Grimen” Album Review

A tinge of great sludge!

Gloson: “Grimen” Album Review

Out of Sweden, I bring you Gloson and their full-length debut, Grimen. It is post-metal nihilism that will skullfuck you like a 10 pound sledgehammer hitting a concrete slab. If you’re looking for a fun, happy record with songs about unicorns and puppies, this ain’t the band for you. If you’re in need of something to put on when life sucks, everything and everyone pisses you off, and all you want to do is drink and smash stuff, then you’ve found the right band. It’s the perfect soundtrack to your angst.

After impressing folks with their initial EP, Yearwalker, Gloson deliver a record that is complex and impressive. The vocals come roaring out of the deepest level of Hades, and the playing that drives them forward in an assault that never lets up from beginning to end. At times they have that tinge of great sludge that, if you are a fan of Down or Crowbar, you will totally appreciate.

Grimen is out February 13 on Art of Propaganda. Pre-order it here!

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