As we mentioned a few months back, Gloria Cavalera, the awesome wife of Max Cavalera, started a personal blog titled “Growing Up Green” and every update is truly entertaining! From her history with Max, to tour stories and more, it’s an insight that only she can give from her years as a Cavalera, and the latest post is my favorite so far! Gloria discusses her memories of shows and touring with the legendary Pantera! From the Max-camo pants era beginning, to drum jams and more, this is packed with cool stories from the past! Plus, there are some rare and sick shots of Pantera from back in the day! I’ll post some excerpts and pictures below, but definitely check out the full post at “Growing Up Green” for more!

One of the coolest bands I ever toured with was Pantera. Everything about them was cool…the way they treated you, the parties, the shows…everything was BIG, like Texas!!

Dime was starting to wear camo in the age of “Max-camo pants sweeping the globe era.” One day he gave Max a gift of a new camo he had picked up for him. Max still has the pants in his man cave, a reminder of a day long past.

The Pantera crew was as much a part of the Pantera family as Vinnie and Dime’s parents! Guy Sykes at the reigns, frightening all in his path-until you got to know the dude; Big Val in charge of security; Wires at front of house; Sunny lighting up the stage; and of course the wild stage crew…Grady, Kat, Bobby and Sterling…it wouldn’t be a Pantera show without them!!

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