Give Wintersun 50 Bucks And Get A Hell Of A Lot More: “The Forest Seasons” Crowdfunding Starts Now (Video)


Give Wintersun 50 Bucks And Get A Hell Of A Lot More: “The Forest Seasons” Crowdfunding Starts Now (Video)

This morning the Finnish metal legends Wintersun released their long-anticipated crowdfunding campaign around the upcoming record, “The Forest Seasons,” that would help frontman Jari Mäenpää  to realize his dream of having a recording studio, among other things. If the goals of this and two additional (upcoming) crowdfunding campaigns are met, it would also allow Wintersun fans to realize their dream of getting a hell of a lot more Wintersun music because the band will have what they need to produce it!

The video they made for the campaign has a really amazing preview of some of the music off the upcoming record and it’s fucking amazing!

Jari posted from his Facebook page,

“Our crowdfunding starts NOW!!! We’re putting Wintersun’s life and future into your hands guys! Now we need your support MORE THAN EVER!!! Please check our crowdfunding page and if you like what you hear and see, buy our 50 € crowdfunding package, the FOREST PACKAGE including our new full length album ‘The Forest Seasons’. We can do this!!! 😉 Let’s make some history together! What do you say!?”

Wintersun is asking for 50 bucks to get way more than 50 bucks worth of Wintersun stuff. Among other things, the package includes:

  • Wintersun, “The Forest Seasons” album download

    • 1. Awaken From The Dark Slumber (Spring) 14:41
      Part I The Dark Slumber
      Part II The Awakening
      2. The Forest That Weeps (Summer) 12:18
      3. Eternal Darkness (Autumn) 14:08
      Part I Haunting Darkness
      Part II The Call of the Dark Dream
      Part III Beyond the Infinite Universe
      Part IV Death
      4. Loneliness (Winter) 12:54
      Total running time: 54:01
  • A high-resolution booklet
  • Instrumental versions of each track
  • Stems of each instrument track separated into layers
  • Wintersun Time I remastered (Which they mention: Drums & rhythm guitars slightly louder with little EQ polish, Bass tighter and deeper, Some upper mid frequencies’ harshness refined from the overall master, Better, snappier, punchier master bus compression, Overall loudness about the same as Metallica’s “Black Album”, Other additional magical tweaks for orchestrations and vocals.)
  • Wintersun self-titled remaster (Which they mention: Bigger, clearer, punchier sound, Bass tighter and deeper, Treble frequencies more clear and pleasing to the ear, no “dirty frequencies”, Drums more audible and powerful, More dynamics, not too much limiting and compression, “anti loudness war version”)
  • Wintersun Live album from their Tuska 2013 performance plus a booklet

    • 1. When Time Fades Away 4:10
      2. Sons of Winter And Stars 13:22
      3. Land of Snow and Sorrow 8:22
      4. Winter Madness 5:27
      5. Beautiful Death 7:24
      6. Time 9:43
      7. Starchild 10:18
      Total running time: 58:46
  • “Lonliness” Acoustic version from “The Forest Seasons” record with a new arrangement

The band also tell us how the whole thing works:

“The plan is very simple. All you have to do is order our FOREST PACKAGE and enjoy all the great content including the highest quality version of our NEW album which you cannot get from anywhere else!”

And they even go as far as to break down why they need the money in more detail:

Budget for Wintersun Headquarters
We’ve consulted professional construction companies and studio builders and gotten the estimated budget:

  • The property 100.000 €
  • The building 250.000 €
  • Construction of the studio 150.000 €
  • Additional costs: Finnish taxes (& Indiegogo platform fee  5% + credit card fee 3%) 250.000 €
  • Total: 750.000 €

To raise all this funding we are planning to do three massive crowdfunding campaigns like this first one. Each one with a different massive 50 € package. We hope to reach 5000 loyal Wintersun fans per each campaign, which is the ideal goal. (The future campaigns will be planned and scheduled according to the result of this first campaign).
5000 funders x 50 € = 250.000 € IDEAL GOAL!!!

But we are setting a safe goal to 3000 funders to secure the album release and get started even if we don’t reach the ideal goal:

3000 funders x 50 € = 150.000 €


The crowdfunding campaign will go on through all of March but after 5h of being live it’s already past 51% of it’s target.  Right after I post this I will be making my contribution!  Will you?

Check out the campaign here:–3

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