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Ginger Likes: “Style Over Substance” Album Review


Ginger Likes: “Style Over Substance” Album Review

Hey Steel Panther! Your next European tour? You absolutely have to take Ginger Likes on the road with you! These guys are definitely your brothers from other mothers! And, now back to our regularly scheduled review of Style Over Substance.

Hi guys and gals! Do you like rock and roll? Do you like greasy, dirty, sleazy, make your panties damp or your boxers look like a tent rock music? Then, look no further. Who do we have on deck in this episode of “SkullsnBones Meet Steel Panther in the “search for the greatest unknown, unsigned, unbelievably awesome band on the planet contest”? Johnny, today it is – drum roll – Ginger Likes! Likes what? We’re really not quite sure, but we do know that we likes Ginger Likes and that’s all that matters.

What’s cool about Ginger Likes? Well, much like the almighty and exalted Steel Panther, these guys put the FU in FUCKING FUN, which is something that many bands seem to have forgotten about these days. They’re just having a good time, and that’s why Ginger Likes recall the golden days of bands like Poison, Ratt, Cinderella, Alice Cooper and even Guns ‘N Roses. They write songs with one thing in mind – kicking ass and meeting girls. (OK, that’s two things. So, sue me! I wasn’t a math major in school!!)

“I Want The World” should have not only been a huge hit, but a fucking anthem. For only a four-piece, these guys prove that is all you need to play great rock, nothing more and nothing less. Guitar, bass, drums, vocals and boom, you’re done. Add some talent and love for what you do, and it shows. Great songwriting, great performances, Ginger Likes has a killer time onstage so you just know their audiences do, as well. And, that, ladies and gentlemen is what entertainment is all about.

Style Over Substance is out now. Buy it here!

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