Ghoul: "Dungeon Bastards" Album Review

Creepsylvania’s mysterious masked men are making their return to the metal world in grand fashion with Dungeon Bastards!

It’s been a long five years since Ghoul released Transmission Zero, and we’ve missed these hooded marauders!  If you’ve never had the pleasure of spinning a Ghoul album, you are most certainly missing out. They blend a big part of thrash with some hardcore, some punk, a little death metal, and inject massive doses of tongue-in-cheek humor to create their eclectic blend of metal.

“Ghetto Blasters” opens up the story with a spoken word piece detailing the rise of a new brutal dictator. The second part features some massive riffs that have an almost old Anthrax feel. “Bringer of War” then launches into an all out attack. It’s stripped down, fast, furious, and the chorus will have you fist banging and screaming along for days. “Shred The Dead” picks it up even more with a ardcore/crossover feel similar to D.R.I. The title track is has a death metal feel, but it retains the thrash/hardcore crossover feel. “Ghoulunatics” is Ghoul‘s call to arms for their fans. Normally, this can come across as cheesy, but not here! It’s a fucking cool song that has a bit more melody than anything else on the album. “Blood and Guts” is a little more death metal than the rest of the album, and “Word Is Law” starts off with an old S.O.D. feel before breaking into a slower riff, and a screaming guitar solo. “Death Campaign” is straight up death metal, and it is a fucking killer song! “Guitarmageddon” is an instrumental, with news sound bytes mixed in, while “Abominox” takes you out of the album with a crushing, brooding song.

Yes, Ghoul have a humorous appearance and slant on their music, but don’t let that fool you. These guys write some seriously good metal and can back everything up with solid musicianship to boot. The humor is the icing on the cake!

Dungeon Bastards is out July 29 on Tankcrimes Records. Pre-order it here!

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Ghoul - Dungeon Bastards

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