Ghostblood: “Honey, I Raised The Dead” Album Review

From America’s former grunge capital of Seattle, Washington, come a trio of death/thrash metal musicians known as Ghostblood. The musicians – Adam (bass/vocals), Dave (drums) and Arlo (guitar) – make self-described “gore-splattered ghostly thrash-blackening death-blood music,” and I have to remember this the next time someone asks me my musical interests. If you ask these ghoulish gentlemen the question of hand interests, you will get the appropriate response as per their site: ”Metal. Blood. Ghosts. Evil. Booze. Graves. Death. Fun. Gore. Rot. Cannibalism. Maggots. Violence.” I liked them straightaway.

First of all, let me thank Ghostblood for including the lyrics to Honey, I Raised the Dead on their Bandcamp version of the album. I love to sing (croak) along, which is why I will forever enjoy hard copies of albums with art to look at and lyrics to peruse. Check out their words on “Bludgeoned by Bone, B.C.”

Brute force, a club of bone,
Connecting with a sickening thud,
Eat your flesh and wear your skin,
To commemorate the hunt I shall paint,
this cave with blood.

Such sweet, savage gore. It is music to my aural battered eardrums.

Such is the sick twisted offering endowed on Honey, I Raised the Dead. If you’re a disciple of the GWAR army or even Ghoul, Ghostblood should satiate your gangrenous soul.

Honey, I Raised the Dead is out now. Buy it here!

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