George Romero … Do NOT Rest In Peace


George Romero … Do NOT Rest In Peace

Well, last week turned out to suck major donkey cock with the news that George Romero passed away. Son of a bitch! Really, God? All the assholes here on Earth and you have to come and take George Motherfucking Romero from us?George Romero - Promo Ain’t that a bitch.

The man pretty much created the zombie film genre with the beyond classic, Night of the Living Dead. How many kids did that movie fuck up in the past 40-some years? Can you remember the first time you were exposed to that black and white, bare-bones, bastard of a film? It is the freaking godfather of horror films.

Which makes me feel the need to point out that George Romero was as metal as fuck. What Lemmy was to music, Romero was to film. His vision of a zombie apocalypse has probably had more influence on heavy metal music than any other film in history, hands down.

Romero’s not only delivered a great assortment of disturbed, depraved horror films, but they affected many musicians who embraced them. You think we would have Slayer, Obituary, Carcass, Pantera, or Alice Cooper if it weren’t for people like George Romero? No, we wouldn’t.

It was a sad, sickening day that ended with a drunken viewing of Night of the Living Dead.

In a perfect world, Romero will not stay dead. In a few days, his body will dig itself out of the grave and begin its search for living human flesh.

In a perfect world.

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