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Geoff Tate - Kinds and Thieves

I have a long-standing respect for Geoff Tate, as Queensryche is one of my favorite bands from the ’80s.  They showed that music didn’t always have to be about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll, and it could be cool and intelligent at the same time.

Unfortunately, the luster doesn’t continue on Kings & Thieves, the second solo album from Tate.  I don’t know what he is thinking here.  While there are some cool songs, such as “Change” and “Dark Money,” hearing him sing “I know you like it” and “On your knees” on “Say You Luv It” is not right.  While this may work for other bands, it does not come across as metal or rock n’ roll here. “The Way I Roll” continues the ridiculousness.  It’s egotistical.  It just doesn’t work.

“Dark Money,” “Change,” and “She Slipped Away” are the highlights of this release.  “Change” is a moody, classical sounding ballad and definitely my favorite song here.  It highlights Tate‘s vocal talents and song writing ability.  “Dark Money” has a cool vibe, and it rolls and grooves.  “She Slipped Away”  could be a radio hit with its catchy chorus.

I applaud Geoff Tate for getting right out there with some new music after all the Queensryche drama of late.  With that said, he can  certainly do better than Kings & Thieves.

Kings & Thieves is out now on InsideOut Music.

Rating: 2/5 stars