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Ooooooooooo … this album is so full of heavy, bluesy, doomy metal with vocals that will make your naughty bits tingle! Clovers, the debut album from Gateway To Hell, will have you digging it from the first listen.

Interesting fact: I heard the album before I read anything about them, and one of the first impressions I got was that they sound so much like almighty Clutch that it is spooky. So, I pull up their bio and see they are from Baltimore, Maryland. The same area Clutch is from (cue spooky music). But, hey, Clutch are one of the best bands out there today and are simply getting better. So, if they’ve had an influence on Gateway To Hell, this is not such a bad thing.

This is great stoner rock with a touch of dark doom and a little groove from The Melvins. It’s totally your type of music if you dig Down, Crowbar, Kyuss, et al. Looking forward to a tour and a stop in New Orleans, Gateway To Hell!

Clovers is out July 21 on Unholy Anarchy Records. Buy it here!

Gateway to Hell - Band


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