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Frosthelm: “The Endless Winter” Review by Jason Zins!


Frosthelm: “The Endless Winter” Review by Jason Zins!

Cold is the best word to describe the bone-chilling new album from North Dakota’s own Frosthelm. From the epic album cover to guitarist Dakota Irwin‘s guitar tones, the entire album will freeze you to the bone.

Frosthelm have a sound unlike anything out there right now. At first listen, it hints at Skeletonwitch, maybe some Immortal, a dash of Black Dahlia Murder, but after dissecting the album more, the blackened-thrash sound becomes apparent. Recently signed to Matt Hyde‘s Black Work (Alkemy Brothers) label, I couldn’t be happier for these guys. Hailing from my own backyard, they are a black rose in the middle of windswept, cold prairies.

“Glacial Eon” graces your ears with a classically-inspired intro, and it builds into a massive wall of melodic guitars, which leads into “Storm of Teeth.” Vocalist Tyler Pfliger is on his A-game, immediately sounding like a possessed soul trying to escape a dead body. The combination of melodic guitars, giant walls of riffs, and a killer bottom-end provided by bassist Jimmy Cherry and drummer Brian Helm will give you a lesson in what Frosthelm are capable of creating. “Forlorn Tides” keeps this momentum flowing but with more of an old-school thrash feel. Hyde’s production is second to none here. “Tomb of Sordid Ruin” slows it down a bit, and Pfliger’s vocals are stellar!  This song really highlights Frosthelm‘s massive talent and shows that they are capable of kicking ass at any tempo. “Beneath Dead Horizons” brings back the ass-kicking with a different feel than the previous songs. It is more melodic and thrashy with some killer guitar solos. “The Dragon” is epic,  almost Kreator-like, with riffs that are razor-sharp, and once again, Helm’s blasts are spot on. “Silent and Dark, The Everlasting Sky” leaves us with a black metal feast for the ears!

Frosthelm have stepped-up their game massively with The Endless Winter.  These guys have enough talent and originality to garner the metal world’s attention, and mark my words, you will hear more about them in the near future!

The Endless Winter is out March 22 on Black Work (Alkemy Brothers).

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Frosthelm - The Endless Winter