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    We’re a bunch of metalheads and as so, fuck the god damn rules! Okay, well, if we want to keep the site live in all countries there are a couple of things we should list, as well as my (Sam Roon) opinion on certain activities. Here goes:

    1. Age Limit: You should be 18 to join SkullsNBones. This is not a site for children, and I am totally cool with having teenagers here, but we are setting the rules to 18 to comply with with the most common international rules of social networking. So to sign up you will need to have a birthdate beyond 18 years in the past.
    2. Spam: Spam is not okay. If you Spam us we will ban you and make sure your email address is signed up for as many fucking spammy websites I can find in 10 minutes time. Okay that’s not legal… but I will find a way to haunt you.
    3. Nudity: Nudity is fine, as long as it’s artistic. If you upload porn it will fuck with the credibility of the site and I have to ban you. Save it for your PornHub profile.
    4. Fuckery: Don’t be an asshole. Metal is about family and supporting one another. We get that not everyone is friendly, but if you are deliberately being a fuck-face we will need ban you. Some examples would be…
      1. If you are being a racist then calm the fuck down Hitler. You lost the war, get the fuck over it. We will ban you for this kind of activity. And don’t give us your free speech bullshit, SkullsNBones isn’t a fucking democracy.
      2. If you are harassing people aggressively we will probably ask you to stop and provide an example of what we’re talking about. Sometimes people don’t understand that sending dick-pics is harassing others…
      3. Trolling is funny, and we laugh our assess off at a lot of it, but we hope that people will understand that SkullsNBones intends to be the metal website that focuses on credibility over anything else. Try to keep it tasteful. We’re only going to reach out if you are annoying with it. If you’re a career troll, check out, or any of our friend’s websites that live for that shit.
      4. Ask yourself, “Am I being an asshole right now?”  If the answer is, “yes” then chill the fuck out!
    5. Profile Usernames: Profiles for bands that aren’t actually the band will be modified if / when a band asks us to take action. We have the ability to help you change your username and URLs to ‘Slayer Fans’ instead of ‘Slayer’ so we don’t intend to remove you entirely for being excited about a band enough to create a profile for them. We know it’s an inconvenience, so try to be thoughtful when setting up the profile in the first place.
    6. Sharing Music: DO NOT SHARE MUSIC THAT IS NOT YOURS!!! I cannot stress enough the importance of this. We are here to support the heavy music culture, not destroy it. If you are sharing music you don’t have the rights to I will ban you and tell you that you’re an asshole. If you want to support a band or make playlists, use something more official like Spotify where the bands at least make $0.000003 per play. Support Metal!
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