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     Sam Roon 

    Lady Gaga With Metallica @ Grammy's 2017 *Please let me know who the photographer is so I can credit them

    There has been a lot of controversy about this performance. I am seeing my social feeds fill up with people who hated it and those who loved it. Lady Gaga has come out in support of metal several times in interviews and has a lot of positive things to say about the metal scene generally.

    So the question is, what do you think?

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     Jason Lekberg 

    I didn’t even watch it, but I’m sure it was fine. If there’s any pop star on the planet with cred, it’s her. We know she’s a legit fan and she’s a legit artist so good for them. That said, holy crap the Grammys couldn’t get metal right with a gun to their head. They finally give an actual metal band a Grammy, and play the worst possible wrong song when they receive it…. they forget to announce Metallica with Gaga, and then don’t turn James’ mic on….. If I didn’t know people associated who swear they’re working hard to respect metal, I’d believe it was on purpose.

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       Sam Roon 

      I personally feel that metalheads can come in all shapes & sizes. Anyone who has seen Gaga’s music videos knows that she’s quite blasphemous and from what I can tell from very, very afar, she’s got an attitude that metalheads would be able to respect if you didn’t know she was a pop-star. So then why not? It’s not like it’s a Kardashian wearing a Slayer tee shirt, it’s Gaga who can tell you shit about Iron Maiden I don’t even know and who has a deep respect for the underground culture of metal. She respects us, the least we can do is not hate her for throwing down with the most iconic metal band of all time.

      The Grammy’s fucking suck when it comes to metal. I’m happy they try, but god damn could they get more than a fucking intern’s worth of effort going for the performance and the award? It’s a truly pathetic showing by them. I’d love to see metal more in the spotlight at events like the Grammy’s but if they don’t give a shit then they should fuck off.

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     Jamie Lee 

    I didn’t watch it either. I watched her Super Bowl performance, and it was definitely entertaining. She reminds me a lot of Madonna. You can’t deny she has big balls, regardless of whether or not you like the music.

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