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    SkullsNBones comes with a lot of built in features. In the coming months and years we will be building additions based on what we think will make the site more useful to people of the metal culture. We’ll also be listening to feedback from you and what it is that you would like to see out of a social network that is being customized to fit your needs.

    Today I am going to introduce you to some of the media options we have as part of your individual profiles.

    As soon as you verify your account you have the ability to:

    • Upload and manage photos, videos and music
    • Create albums of media content
    • Like and Comment on media that you’ve uploaded

    (Please see site rules for what you should or should not upload, especially when it comes to MUSIC: )


    Where is media?

    You can access media directly from your profile page by clicking on the ‘show more’ icon and then on ‘Media’.


    You will land on your Media Gallery which is a view of all media you’ve uploaded.  This will include pictures, videos, music, etc.  In my case, it’s just a couple of amateur photos of me playing with my band a few months ago:


    How do I add media?

    You’ll see there is now a media menu showing options for, ALL, ALBUMS, PHOTOS, VIEOS and MUSIC.  The first thing you will want to do is create a new album for your media.  If you don’t select an album that’s okay, by default it will upload to your ‘Wall Posts’ album and you can always create the album later.  Click on the navigation item for ALBUMS.  You will be brought to a view of all albums you’ve created.  The first time you do this it will only be Wall Posts and most likely that album is empty.

    What you’ll want to do here is click on Options and then “+Add Album.”  A small popup will appear asking you for the album title.  I went with “MAKING METAL” as my example.


    Once you’re happy with the album title hit “Create Album” and your album as been created!  Now you can upload different kinds of media to it!  From the view you are already on or in any of the navigation item views you will be able to click the ‘Upload’ button.  The exact same experience will happen in any area of the media section; you will see a grey box section appear that allows you to select your album, the privacy of the photos and then an area where you can drag your photos to upload them.  If you can’t drag & drop your photos you can also click the “Select your files” button and that will open a window where you can navigate to the files on your computer.



    When you add your photos you will get to see a preview of those photos below the grey box.  From here you can hit the ‘X’ to remove it from the batch, or click the little pencil icon to edit the title and description.

    Note: Leaving the long ugly numbers or randomized file names will make your page look pretty shitty.  People who are looking at your photos will want to know about them, so give them a good name and say a little something about them!  And don’t forget to click on the little green check mark to save your updates!



    Once you are happy with the files and you are ready to upload, simply click on the START UPLOAD button and the files should zap through a series of tubes in the inter-webs and land themselves in your gallery!  Besides the album view, photos should be viewable in the photos nav, videos viewable in the videos nav and of course music in the music nav.  If you would like to make changes to any of your images you can hover over the image and click on Edit or Delete.



    When you click on EDIT you are brought to a screen where you can change the Title of the media file, add a description to it, and you can even switch what album it is associated with in case you accidentally uploaded cat pictures to your nipple-piercing gallery.


    From this screen you can also click on the IMAGE tab where you can view the image and even opt to make basic modifications to it. To do this, simply click on the MODIFY IMAGE button.  Editing albums works similarly but you can also manage the media within the album and move it around to different albums.


    Final Thoughts

    Media is an area where we want to give metalheads a lot of flexibility. Sharing media is key to how we want to express ourselves and the SkullsNBones team plans to make this functionality far more robust in the coming months. That said, we would love to get your feedback on everything media related! Please feel free to comment here with suggestions or questions!

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