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Forthteller Release “Shapeshifters” Music Video


Forthteller Release “Shapeshifters” Music Video

YouTube is a place to read the comments at your own risk, but when a fan asked for the lyrics to “Shapeshifters,” Forthteller (formerly I Shot The Albatross) obliged, even including footnotes, which is something I think we don’t see enough of.  The words in “Shapeshifters” allude to other literary works such as The Hollow Men by TS Eliot; Angela Carter’s surreal and philosophical novel, The Infernal Desire Machines of Dr. Hoffman; and Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Of particular note is Carter’s 1972 novel. Forthteller‘s song shares its theme of having to separate the wheat of reality from the chaff of deception. Though caused by magic in the novel, reality distortion is a concept we’re all too familiar with today in our age of media biases, toxic social conditioning, and alternative facts.

In the wake of our illusions we fill each other’s heads with un-quieted delusions 
We choose a barren yet harmonious calm rather than a fertile
Yet cacophonous tempest…

Unless you’re an English major/literature nerd, you may not care about any of the above, which is cool because all it does is enhance an already bangin’ track and give you some sweet reading recommendations.

“Shapeshifters” comes from their independent EP, Madman, which you can download for $3 here.