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Five Politically-Charged Metal Bands You Need To Know About

SkullsnBones doesn't take sides in politics, but these bands do!

Five Politically-Charged Metal Bands You Need To Know About

Recently I’ve been finding myself getting into a lot of heated political conversations with friends of mine from the scene. The truth is that politics has a huge hold on what we do and countless bands that we love are born from political fallout.  My opinion is that America is in the midst of madness right now and last night as I lay in bed I was thinking about how much energy I was putting into the political arguments and how I should really focus that into the site.  This post is my way of doing just that.

We all know about the obvious political bands of the recent past like System of a Down, Rage Against the Machine, Fear Factory, every band in the Big 4 and so on, but today’s world is a different place. With violence, corruption, irrational media and an overwhelming sense of fear coming from almost everywhere in the world, it’s a scary atmosphere to live in but a great one for spawning amazing metal bands with real anger.

SkullsNBones supports metal and metalheads as family. Our site doesn’t take sides in politics, but these bands do. This is just a handful of them, but there are many artists out there adding fuel to the political fire (or trying to put it out, as it were) and we love listening to what they have to say at full volume!



Nervosa Live Photos From Tuska 2016

Nervosa is a band that turned Tuska 2016 on its head. They are an all-female thrash trio from Sao Paulo, Brazil with a serious amount of energy and a political agenda. In an interview with, the band’s front-person Fernanda Lira responded to a question about lyrical content by saying:

“Our lyrics are more related to protest, and not only political protest but everything we don’t agree with, you know we live in a country with a lot of problems and we are living a war actually, in a world full of problems. As we can’t solve these problems, as it depends on the government, we would like at least to talk about them to people to make them know they exist, because music is for me a kind of expression.”

Nervosa is a band you need to know about:


Lamb of God

Burn the Priest - Lamb of God - Promo 2018

Lamb of God is a band we all know and most of us love, but many people might not know the underlying meaning behind a lot of Randy Blythe’s lyrics are heavily political. One read through the lyrics on any album will show you just how politically charged these guys are.

“Bombs to set the people free, blood to feed the dollar tree
Flags for coffins on the screen, oil for the machine
Army of the liberation, gunpoint indoctrination
The fires of sedition
Fulfill the prophecy.
Now you’ve got something to die for.”


Lies Beneath

Lies Beneath is an underground New York City metal band with a heavy political agenda. You can find them at any number of protests or being very vocal about what they think on many different political topics. The guys are really awesome people to know and without question their core agenda is making the world a better place.  It almost feels like the activity is centered around what they are doing on many occasions, giving them the credibility they need to push the message further.

Doing what they do best, Lies Beneath drives home the point with aggressive music and by showing up to prove they aren’t all talk. If you don’t know about these guys you should be paying attention to what’s going on in the New York City underground a little closer.


Job for a Cowboy


Job For A Cowboy focused heavily on politics in their 2012 release of Demonocracy. Vocalist Jonny Davy told a few years ahead of the record:

“I’m just trying to pinpoint and find little things that are going on in the modern day and age. There are things that are so fucked up and nothing is really being done about it.”

The whole record was really powerful and politically charged.  Jonny definitely found what he was looking for lyrically, and our world surely provided more than enough inspiration for him to work from.




There might not be a metalhead alive who doesn’t know the powerful story of Acrassicauda and how they barely escaped with their lives from Iraq. By default the band is political and their story is a reminder that while our opinions might be strong on one side or another, there are some places in the world where you can’t express them without the threat of imminent death.

The guys escaped from Iraq through Syria and then Turkey and were able to hold it together enough to produce their first proper studio album, Gilgamesh in 2015 after being granted refugee status in the United States.

There is a lot going on in this world and so many people are living in circumstances that we can’t even fathom. Remember to support your metal family, regardless of political affiliation, beliefs or ethnicities. METAL is our blood, everything else comes second.