Um, yeah. We’re looking at not only what will most likely turn out to be one of the heaviest and best metal albums of 2017, but, hopefully, the record that will break Fit For An Autopsy into the major leagues. With this release, The Great Collapse, they have produced an album so fucking good, no one will be able to ignore them or deny that they have grown into one of the stellar bands on the scene today.

Hailing from Jersey City, New Jersey (Let’s hear it for the Garden State!), this record literally hits on all cylinders so cohesively, it could be a textbook to use to teach future up and coming bands just how to make a beast of a record. Vocalist Joe Badolato‘s voice comes at you like the roar of a blood-enraged Tyrannosaurus Rex. Imagine if Ben Grimm, The Thing in The Fantastic Four, could sing … I bet this is what he would sound like. The guitar playing of Will Putney, Patrick Sheridan and Tim Howley gives Fit For An Autopsy that little bit of extra “oomph” with th4e trio of six-string bandoleros playing. And, where to begin on the rhythm section of bassist Peter Spinazola and drummer Josean Orta. Talk about your concrete hard foundation. And, Orta? How does a human being drum this fast?

The Great Collapse is so consistently perfect from beginning to end that the mind boggles at what the future holds for these Fit For An Autopsy. Hell, it’s their first album with “clean” singing, and even the normally vindictive and petty metal fanboys on all the other music sites are in agreement that this is how it’s done. Do I need to point out any particularly stand-out tracks? Hell, no. Just put this on and let it rip repeatedly until your neck is aching and you are bleeding out of your earballs.

The Great Collapse is out March 17 on eOne Music / Good Fight Music. Pre-order it here!

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