Fit For An Autopsy’s Patrick Sheridan Talks “The Great Collapse” In New Interview


Fit For An Autopsy’s Patrick Sheridan Talks “The Great Collapse” In New Interview

In a recent review I wrote for the almighty SkullsNBones (read it here), I gave high kudos to the new album from Fit For An Autopsy, The Great Collapse. In fact, I believe saying that this record should break these guys into the next level. It’s that killer. So, when I had the chance to talk with their guitarist, Patrick Sheridan, I jumped at it.

Brother Sheridan! Greetings from!
Thanks, man. I appreciate that.

And, congratulations on the release of The Great Collapse. I have to say that it slams from beginning to end.
Thanks. Yeah, we are pretty happy with how it came out ourselves.

It must also be nice to see the positive reviews from critics and fans.
Absolutely! To read such great comments from professionals and the people who actually come to see us play live, it means a lot.

You are in the midst of touring with Fit For A King and After The Burial on the Carry The Flame Tour. How’s it been so far?
It’s been great! Playing with really good bands every night and incredible audiences. It’s what makes touring worthwhile.

You must be excited because not only does The Great Collapse get released today, but you are playing in New Jersey tonight and you guys started in Jersey City.
Yeah, very excited about tonight. It just so happened that the album came out today and were playing in Jersey tonight. In fact, we’re going to be playing a little bit longer than we have been this tour because of how special the gig is today.

You just released a video for “Black Mammoth” which is addressing the impact the Dakota access Fit For An Autopsy - Promo 3pipeline is having on the Sioux Nation in North Dakota. What motivated this?
I think it was a matter of not liking what we were seeing happening and wanting to do something about it. So, “Black Mammoth” was written in response to the brutality and wrongness that were seeing committed in North Dakota in the name of oil money.

And, you are actually donating the proceeds from merchandise sales to the Sioux Nation who are dealing with this daily, correct?
Yes. Once again, it’s pretty much a matter of putting your money where your mouth is when it comes to something you feel strongly about. Whether it’s an individual or as a band.

Patrick Sheridan of Fit For An Autopsy. The new album, The Great Collapse. King Rhino is already predicting it will be on his “Best of 2017” list.

The Great Collapse is out now on eOne Music, and you can buy it hereCatch them on tour from June 16 through July 9 with Tombs.

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