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Firefight: “The Fallen” EP Review


Firefight: “The Fallen” EP Review

I really like what I hear from this rather new band from Bergen, Norway. Firefight began their adventure in 2017, and the description I was sent was that they are a melodic/thrash band with groove. With so many genres and subgenres, I find it hard to keep up. It’s all metal to me, so let’s carry on.

Right from the get go, I’m digging the rhythm of these musicians. It’s definitely thrash with strong hints of power metal injected for good measure. The vocals are beautifully done and perhaps his accent makes it so much more enjoyable. The shocker for me upon seeing Firefight‘s Facebook page where they appear to be quite young but their musical output sounds wonderfully mature.

The Fallen is described as a concept album whereby “each track tells the story from three perspectives in a ‘hierarchy’: the divine, the metahuman, and the human.” The album has a smooth flow to it and I am looking forward to hearing future material from this promising young band.

The Fallen is out now. Buy it here!

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