finnish-flagToday is Finnish Independence Day!  In 1917 Finland declared their independence from Russia and has been producing some of the world’s best metal bands ever since!  Okay, so part of that is in a grey area, but it sounded good!

Anyway, in honor of their independence, I decided to pick a few Finnish bands you might not know about and showcase them together in a post.  Enjoy!

Assemble The Chariots
I was hanging out with my friend Jussi for the first time in person a few months back, right after I moved to Helsinki, and we quickly realized that this band at Bar Bäkkäri sucked beyond explanation.  We weren’t there long before deciding we needed to find a different place to hang, so when he said his friend’s band was playing over at PRKL Club we were more than happy to go.  That band was Assemble The Chariots.

My first impression was, “God damn that singer is fucking awesome.”  Which was then followed by the drummer and then the bassist.  The guitarists do some crab-coring and don’t have ‘the look’ you would expect from seeing the rest of the guys, but never-the-less the band took that small club and shook it like we were all dice at a casino.  It was an amazing performance.  So perhaps for that performance alone I decided to share some of their tunes with you.  Check it out:

Human Sculpture
Yes, I am mentioning these guys again and yes you should take some time to recognize the name.  The new music is turning out to be even more progressive and technically challenging than the last and I want to make sure that when they blow up I can say, “I’ve been telling you people about this band for years.”  Don’t get left in the dark!

The music here is the old EP which I listen to religiously but you can hear the newer stuff on Human Sculpture‘s Soundcloud page here:  Get to know this band:

I’ve been talking about this young band since their inception because I’m friendly with their singer, but don’t be mistaken my friends, I’m not pushing these guys today because they are my friends.  One listen to their new single below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.  This band is worthy of note .

The song itself is a cover of an older popular Finnish song that, when I heard the original, I thought sounded pretty ridiculous.  They took that song and made it something amazing.  Maybe you should search for the old one just to see the creative license taken on the track.  Anyway, please enjoy this awesome rendition of it:

Happy Independence Day to all of my Finnish neighbors!  Kippis!


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