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It’s hard to describe Philadelphia’s Fight Amp without using the word “groove.” Like, impressively hard.

This noisy trio has always had solid grooves, regardless of tempo, and their new EP, Constantly Off, is constantly hitting the mark. From the solid minute of uncoordinated strums that kick off “Ex Everything” to the tempo escalation that ends “Happy Joyful Life,” nothing feels out of place or wrong. “Survival is Strange” is a fast-paced mosh tune, and “Leveling in a Dream” doesn’t really get underway until about a minute in, but when it does, it fucking slays.

My only gripe with this EP is that it’s an EP. It leaves me wanting more, but if this is an exercise in quality over quantity, then Fight Amp have nailed it, because there’s no fat to be trimmed, even with the two song intros that drone on into walls of sound. In order for the songs to work, those need to be there. Again, it’s impressive, and Constantly Off is gonna be constantly on rotation for a good long while.

Constantly Off is out now on Brutal Panda Records. Buy it here!

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Fight Amp - Constantly Off





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