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February 24th, 2015 Metal Releases!


February 24th, 2015 Metal Releases!

SkullsNBones keeps you up to date with the latest metal releases every week! Check out the list below and pick up these albums today! Support Thy Metal!

Benighted– “Benighted – Brutalive the Sick” (live CD/DVD)- Season Of Mist
Pentagram– “All Your Sins” DVD- Peaceville Records
All That Remains– “The Order Of Things”- Razor & Tie
Carach Angren– “This is No Fairytale”- Season Of Mist
CHON– “Grow”- Sumerian Records
Crypt Sermon – “Out Of The Garden”- Dark Descent
Dr. Living Dead!– “Crush The Sublime Gods”- Century Media Records
Ensiferum– “One Man Army”- Metal Blade Records
Griever– “Our Love is Different”- Vitriol Records
Halshug– “Blodets Band”- Southern Lord Records
Inquisition– “Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan”- Season Of Mist
Keep Of Kalessin– “Epistemology”- Indie Recordings
Muck– “Your Joyous Future”- Prosthetic Records
Nasty– “Shokka”- Good Fight Music
Necrowretch– “With Serpents Scourge”- Century Media Records
Oceans Ate Alaska– “Lost Isles”- Fearless Records
Of Mice & Men– “Restoring Force: Full Circle”- Rise Records
Pelican– “The Cliff” EP- Southern Lord Records
The Agonist– “Eye Of Providence”- Century Media Records
Torche– “Restarter”- Relapse Records
Traitors– “The Hate Campaign”