Twenty four years ago on this very date, the legendary Pantera released “Cowboys From Hell” to the world and the metal scene was forever changed. From the intense vocals, to the thundering rhythm section, and of course the riffs and solos from Dime, it was something we had never heard before, and was the beginning of one of the most dominating forces in metal history. Even if you listen to the album today, every track on the record is a classic in our minds, but do you have a favorite? It’s pretty impossible to choose, but Sam and I chose ours, and we want to know yours! Our choices are below! Check them out and our reasoning behind it, and don’t forget to celebrate the 24th anniversary of one of the greatest metal albums ever by blasting “Cowboys From Hell” to the skies tonight!

Sam Roon- “‘Cowboys From Hell’ was the first Pantera album I ever owned. I didn’t really understand what I was listening to at first as it was a stretch from the country music that I was listening to almost exclusively at the time, but I remember knowing suddenly that there was a whole world of music out there that I didn’t know anything about. The body of work that is this massive album is undeniably one of the greatest contributions any band has ever given to the metal world. From the beginning of ‘Heresy‘ making me want to rip someone’s fucking face off, to ‘Domination‘ having a groove that defined a generation, it’s really difficult to pick a favorite track. I’m gonna go with the title track of the groundbreaking record. CFH has not only the grove and brutality that you want, but the melody and guitar wizardry that showcases some of the best of Dime. This is a song that defines the band in my opinion and I can see why it was chosen to be the title track. I’ve heard it on the record, I’ve seen it live and it stands the test of time.

Metal Mark- “Although I look up and down the track listing to ‘Cowboys From Hell,’ and see nothing but perfection, one song has, and will always, stand out in my mind. ‘Domination’ was, and is still, one of the heaviest tracks ever recorded by any band in history. The fact that it was written over twenty years ago just blows my mind and adds to the true power of it. From the lyrics to the riffs to the massive breakdown and iconic solo, this song had it all and more! It set the tone for Pantera‘s sound, attitude and aggression that ruled the world unlike any other band we’ve seen before! It’s one of the many reasons why there was and will only ever be one Pantera, and why they are considered legends to this day!

Finally, “You hear Rex’s bass? Answer me! Do you hear the fuckin’ bass?”