Faustcoven - In the Shadow of Doom - Cover

Faustcoven fans have been patiently waiting six years since the previous album, Hellfire and Funeral Bells, and as we all know, musicians need to recharge at times to create a masterpiece.

With the ghastly release of In the Shadow of Doom, multi-instrumentalist Gunnar Hansen has created a beatific, ominous atmosphere perfect for those dismal days. In this occultish yet elegant creation, I paint a picture of playing this on a foggy night in a damp marshfield. “Yet He Walks” has masterful, dark lyrics and monstrous vocals, evoking a feeling of waiting for something evil, an unspeakable nightmare. “Marching in the Shadow “ has an almost picturesque, psychedelic side, yet retains its bleakness. “As White As She Was Pale” feels almost sanguinous; thick, saturated, and menacing semi-growls with sonorous baritone. The almost eight-and-a-half minute “Quis Est Iste Qui Venit” is a twisted experience with a dirgy mood; the words are cathartic, perhaps a way to purge the inner demons.

Faustcoven exudes ritualistic doom.

In the Shadow of Doom is out August 31 on Nuclear War Now! Productions. Pre-order it here!

Faustcoven - Promo - 2018


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