Faustcoven: “In The Shadow Of Doom” Album Review

Faustcoven fans have been patiently waiting six years since the previous album, Hellfire and Funeral Bells, and as we all know, musicians need to recharge at times to create a masterpiece.

With the ghastly release of In the Shadow of Doom, multi-instrumentalist Gunnar Hansen has created a beatific, ominous atmosphere perfect for those dismal days. In this occultish yet elegant creation, I paint a picture of playing this on a foggy night in a damp marshfield. “Yet He Walks” has masterful, dark lyrics and monstrous vocals, evoking a feeling of waiting for something evil, an unspeakable nightmare. “Marching in the Shadow “ has an almost picturesque, psychedelic side, yet retains its bleakness. “As White As She Was Pale” feels almost sanguinous; thick, saturated, and menacing semi-growls with sonorous baritone. The almost eight-and-a-half minute “Quis Est Iste Qui Venit” is a twisted experience with a dirgy mood; the words are cathartic, perhaps a way to purge the inner demons.

Faustcoven exudes ritualistic doom.

In the Shadow of Doom is out August 31 on Nuclear War Now! Productions. Pre-order it here!

Faustcoven - Promo - 2018

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