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Technical death metal is a walk on the razor’s edge. At times it can sound brilliant, other times boring and the same. There is a legion of bands out there looking to break boundaries and smash heads at the same time, with Fallujah being one of the leaders of this revolution. Their odd combination of beautiful interludes with extreme, guttural death metal seems to fit like the proverbial lock and key. The Flesh Prevails is a swirling mass of ambiance and atmosphere, with an ugly, black core.

The album opener, “Starlit Path,” is my favorite here. Its moody intro directs you straight into a trance-like state, then starts feeding shot after shot of broken glass. Alex Hoffman‘s vocals are war-like, and there is precision songwriting and musicianship throughout the entire album. There is not one blast beat or chord that sounds unrehearsed, and I would be amiss if I didn’t also mention the flawless production. “Carved From Stone” is pure death metal brilliance, and by the time the “Night Reveals” rolls out, you can feel the flow of this album. The songs fit together to lend to listenerss pleasure.  The moodiness of the album really shows itself on the second half, starting with the title track, then “Levitation.” It is a brooding mass of beautiful guitars.

The Flesh Prevails is a statement of modern metal, and a broad statement, at that. This perfection leaves an unmistakable mark in the encyclopedia of metal. Fallujah have created something that is rare and not often heard in the genre.

The Flesh Prevails is out now on Unique Leader Records.

Rating: 5/5 Stars