Fall: “The Dreamer Of Tragedy” EP Review

Texas-based melodic metal band Fall aim high with their new effort The Dreamer of Tragedy. This four-song EP takes the listener on a different path compared to their previous album, The Insatiable Weakness, which was more of a straightforward melodic death metal venture. On this outing Fall have grown musically and prove they have the chops and density to write music that is thought provoking and filled with pain and turmoil.

Musically, the song structures vary from hauntingly beautiful melodies to chaotic, controlled riffing, a blend that mimics the beautiful ugly world we live in. Turn the lights down, put your headphones on and turn the volume up; contrasting emotions envelope you, leading you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

I’ve caught myself humming parts of “Heir to Silence” in which vocalist, Jesse, seems to bare his most intimate corners. This is truly something that leaves him vulnerable and powerful in the act of self reveal that not many people would dare to do.

Overall, I wish there was more than just four songs, but then again, the density contained in this The Dreamer of Tragedy travels farther than most full LPs. A job well done.

The Dreamer of Tragedy is out now. Buy it here!

Fall - The Dreamer of Tragedy - Promo

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