2013 marked the triumphant return of the great Extol. The legendary band from Norway released their self-titled masterpiece that still blows me away with every listen. It was an obivous choice to be included in my Top Albums Of 2013 list, and now we might actually get to hear some of the new material live! A tour is not a big deal for most bands, but they haven’t played like since 2006, so THIS IS A BIG DEAL! Here’s the statement from their Official Website(along with posting the picture below on their Facebook): “It is now 20 years since Extol played the very first concert – in Sandvika, Norway May 17th 1994 to be precise. We want to celebrate this anniversary with some very few exclusive live shows later on this year! The last concert Extol did was in Allingsås, Sweden November 26th 2006, so it´s been a while.. We are really looking forward to getting on a stage again, playing both new and old songs, and off course meeting our fans and friends! Waiting more than 7 years is just way too long! More info coming soon.

YES! Waiting more than 7 years IS way too long! Now I don’t know if this means any shows in North America, but if there are, COUNT ME IN! Extol is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I would do anything to catch them live again! Stay tuned for the latest, but 2014 just got MUCH more exciting! Hailz!




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